Nanuk Cases – Durability and Convenience

Unlike other cases that will quickly break or provide little protection to the contents inside, NANUK has marine grade materials and stainless steel hardware. This ensures that your case will last and resist cold, wet, shock and impact.

The NK-7 resin and patented PowerClaw latches make these cases virtually indestructible. They are resistant to heavy impacts and can withstand multiple airline trips without damage.


Nanuk cases offer waterproof protection for gear that needs to be transported in a wet environment. They’re a favorite of photographers, videographers, and outdoor enthusiasts for protecting their cameras, drone equipment, laptops, and other valuables. These cases are able to withstand serious knocks and drops, and they can also be submerged in water for up to an hour without sustaining any damage or leakage.

In addition to being waterproof, the Nanuk 935 case can also be secured with a padlock (available on certain models). It also features an improved latching system called PowerClaw that is easier on the fingers and provides a quick two-step unlock process.

Another useful feature is the pressure equalization valve, which allows air to pass through while blocking any liquid from passing through. This feature helps prevent the case from sealing itself shut during airline travel and high altitudes. It’s available on all cases except the smallest, which has one valve on each end.


NANUK cases are built to perform in the harshest environments. Their high-impact NK-7 resin is able to take on the most demanding situations with ease and their Power Claw latches keep your gear secure. Even if you pack up to 150 pounds worth of equipment into one of these waterproof cases, they will still float and everything inside will remain dry.

Unlike other protective cases that offer only a minimal level of durability, Nanuk offers military grade protection. The NK-7 resin that makes up the case is able to resist extreme temperatures, pressure changes during airline transport, and more.

Each case also has an automatic pressure release valve to prevent it from becoming permanently sealed. They also feature a soft grip handle so you can easily carry your case with ease and comfort. Nanuk cases are available in multiple colors, from emergency orange to olive drab, to make sure you can find the case that matches your needs.


Unlike other protective cases that require drilling holes or glue to add extra features, Nanuk Cases are able to accept the addition of padded dividers and extra foam layers without affecting their durability. This is made possible by the integrated bezel design that allows for a range of additional components to be slotted in place, including dividers, divider kits and even a layer of waterproofing.

Designed with the most demanding equipment in mind, Nanuk Cases are manufactured to military specifications and withstand the harshest of environments. The PowerClaw latching system, NK-7 resin outer shell and other high grade materials ensure that any equipment contained within is safe from damage and secure.

The rugged build of Nanuk cases combined with oversized wheels means that it is easy to move large amounts of camera and photography equipment from one place to another. This helps create new shot possibilities and streamlines your media workflow.

Soft Grip Handle

Protect your equipment and get it to its destination with the ease and convenience of a Nanuk protective case. These cases are loaded with innovative features to respond to the needs of professional users in diverse fields. The handles, for example, intelligently retract to stay out of the way while transporting or storing the case. You can also easily add a shoulder strap or panel kit to the case without having to modify the case with holes.

This tough and virtually indestructible case is ideal for storing, carrying and organising smaller valuables and equipment such as cameras, handguns, laptops and drones. Its NK-7 resin body is built to last and designed with rounded corners to prevent cracking. The patented PowerClaw latches are easy to open and close but stay securely closed during transport or when dropped.

They can be submerged in simulated rain for up to 20 minutes with no water leakage and they stand up to heavy impacts. They also resist fatigue and deformation and keep out the dust.

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